SC's First Trip to Busch Gardens!

A few weeks ago, we decided to buy season passes to Busch Gardens and Water Country, because tickets were pretty reasonable and we thought it would be fun activity for the summer.  We were a bit apprehensive how it would be at a theme park with an almost 18 month old, but it actually went pretty well, and we are already planning our next excursion.
As soon as we arrived, we headed to the Sesame Street Forest of Fun. My husband took SC on Bert and Ernie's Loch Adventure, which she loved, but the line seemed to get pretty long quickly while she was on the ride, so she only went for one spin.
It was getting pretty warm by then and the other rides seemed like they would be a bit much for her, so to the splash pad we went, which she absolutely loved. I think in the future, we might just go straight there.
In the next few visits, I want to check out Elmo's Castle, but the splash pad definitely made her day.
She also got to meet a few Sesame Street characters.  She wasn't afraid of them, but she didn't seem overly enthusiastic about them either.
We changed her, and then decided to head to the Land of Dragons, but got a little side tracked at the KinderCarousel.  SC rode three times and I think she would have gladly ridden three more times!
At that point, we were really pushing against nap time, and we were meeting up with my family, so we headed out, but it was a good introduction to the park. With that said, I got a bit overheated while we were there, and was sick the rest of the afternoon.  Next time, I'll be sure to actually fill the water bottle that we brought sooner rather than later.  We packed a decent amount of things for our little adventure (snacks,changes of clothes, sunscreen, towel), but we used most of it, so I think it will be hard to pack but so lightly.  Anyone have tips for theme parks with toddlers? It's not always the most efficient, but it is fun!

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Tess said...

Her little ruffle suit!!!!!! What a fun family trip!