A Beautiful Cloudy Day at the Beach

I know that I've been recapping afternoon trips to the beach lately, but we've been taking the opportunity while the beaches are still quiet and the weather is nice.  Plus as redundant as they may be, they sure beat talking about yesterday's four hour appointment with SC at the allergist for sure! As a side note to that, I'm very thankful that it went well and SC passed her baked milk test.  As not fun as the whole process can be, I realize how extremely fortunate we are that she doesn't have a more serious allergy, so we really can't complain.

Sunday afternoon wasn't the traditional perfect beach day, but it was a relief to have a break from the heat and SC loved playing in the sand. We hit up the nearby playground afterwards and much to SC's relief and joy.
We didn't stay too long though because we were eager to stop for some pizza on our way home.  It did not disappoint, and the husband got a birthday brownie sundae (which I ended up eating more than my fair share of)! 
It was a fun little family outing, and a nice way to end the weekend!


Annie said...

Cutest little family!!!

Elle Sees said...

Def enjoy that beach while you can before it gets too crowded--great idea!!!