A Little Family Birthday Celebration!

On Monday night, we pulled out the birthday banners, cake and candles, and celebrated the husband's birthday!  It was a very simple celebration, but festive nonetheless.
SC really enjoyed opening all the cards and gifts.
The husband's big birthday gifts were the Nintendo Switch and a ticket to the Shins, but I also bought him a few things to open the day of.   (Normally we don't do big gifts, but this year just ended up being an exception.)  I found this t-shirt at the J.Crew Factory store, which I thought would be fun to have since we are going there this summer. He also got a pair of shorts from there and I bought some old fashioned Coke bottles.
And we finished the night out with some of his favorite cake!
Today is  my mom's birthday, so the birthday fun continues!


Elle Sees said...

Aww happy belated. I LOVE the Shins!!

Elizabeth | The Lovely Latte said...

This sounds like a great celebration!

Elizabeth | The Lovely Latte