House Tour: Our Guest Rooms on a Budget!

I deserted the "house tour" after only doing three rooms, because I got a bit discouraged about how still unfinished everything kind of is.  However, I really don't think we will be adding much to either of these rooms anytime soon, so I decided to go ahead and share them.   Even though both rooms are pretty utilitarian,  I think that both rooms are actually pretty comfortable. And even more exciting, one of the rooms will be hosting my sister this weekend!

Here's our downstairs bedroom, which the husband has claimed as his man cave.  We literally plopped our old bed and dresser in here and it makes the space "cozy".  
The dresser is too big for the space, but we moved ourselves, and I could not ask my husband and brother to haul that thing up the stairs.  Now that it is there, it provides a place for the giant tv, which was a hand-me-down from the husband's aunt.  Hence, why the husband claimed this room as his man cave!
We actually have a piece of art to hang over the bed that was a gift from my FIL, but I need to get it custom framed.  I feel like that is going to be somewhat expensive, so I have been dragging my feet.  The quilt was a gift from my MIL, and in addition be being beautiful, displays college football pride!
 In our old apartment we used nightstands as end tables, but we needed those in the living room, so I re-purposed our ottomans for the task.  It isn't perfect, but it functions. The lamp I had bought on sale at Target for $15 when I was in grad school.  My parents had been storing it, and I still really like it.
Our other guestroom I made more feminine (i.e. doesn't have a giant tv), and I think it is a calming space.  
We used the same ottomans that we already had for another nightstand, and we also have a basket of blankets and pillows. My sister sent us this card right before SC's surgery and we found out about the husband's new job, so I framed it as a little reminder. The little catchall was a gift from a friend, and I love how cheerful it is.
I was excited because my husband hung up the mirror, and it looks really nice there.  It had been months, and I just couldn't figure out where to put it, but I think it works nicely here!
We just have two other things hung up on the walls, so it isn't very busy.
We didn't need our old entertainment center, so one night my husband and I drug it upstairs.  I'm not saying that it looks the best, but it gives a place to put towels and such for guests. 
The poster was a birthday gift in college, and I love it.
The only things we actually ended up buying for these rooms were the picture frames and one bed frame (we bought it from Amazon for about $150).  Everything else was gifted/castoffs from our families. Even though the spaces are a bit eclectic, it's so exciting that we actually have space to host our families and friends!


Elle Sees said...

That's great you have spaces for family and guests! Thanks for the peek into your home!

Annie said...

The pink pom pom blanket - yessss!!!!!