House Tour: SC's Room

Honestly, the most exciting thing about buying a house was that it meant SC would finally get a little nursery!  I kept waiting to make the room "perfect",  but since we've been in our house for almost 8 months and SC is over a year and a half, it's time to share her room! I think that most of her things transitioned pretty well to this space, and we only bought the curtains, closet organizer and a few picture frames to help round out the space. It will always be evolving, but I wanted to share the state it is in now!
My mother-in-law came to help paint the room pink immediately after we closed on our house, and I love how it turned out.  The room is nice and bright, and it really is such a cheerful place to be. Originally, I was on the fence about the color, but the husband insisted we paint it pink, and I absolutely love how it turned out.  The color really makes it feel fresh and  like it is her room.  In the morning sunlight, you kind of feel like you are just bathed in blush and bashful!
The bear is from my sister when SC had her surgery, and he adds a lot to the room. SC hugs him every day, and my husband and her fight it out over who gets to sit on the bear.  He is comfy!
After a few months, I finally bought her a closet organizer, and that has really helped corral everything.  I also added some wrapping paper to the back of her closet, and I love the pattern.  I'm not sure how long it will last, but it's a little project that made me happy!
We were able to use the bins we had in the apartment above the closet and in the organizer, and they are still serving us well.  I'm a huge fan of bins because they are just enough organization where you can still find everything, but also easy enough that I can actually keep up with it!
We are using the dresser that the husband painted from his grandpa, and I think it's so special to have in her room.  The bins next to it aren't the prettiest either, but my mom gave them to us, so I wasn't going to turn them down. The top bin makes a great hamper and the bottom two hold extra bedding.
SC is also a huge fan of the bunny addition.  
We hung the Winnie the Pooh canvases that we bought when we tried to create a little nursery space for her in our apartment.
I framed the note from the White House, her birth announcement, and a picture of her newborn toes! The cross was also a gift from her grandma in honor of her baptism.
We have her cross from her baptism displayed, and her footprint.  The "J" I bought a long time ago, and was actually used as decoration for my bridal shower!
In another corner, I framed her baptism invitation and a few of my favorite pictures.
Over the weekend, I was looking through pictures of our apartment and all of our preparations for SC. Of course, I feel very sentimental about it all, and I think that this room will always be such a sweet place because of the girl who inhabits it!  


Elle Sees said...

Loved seeing her room. So sweet and peaceful!

Annie said...

Missed this post! Her room is so cute and full of so many sentimental things! Love it!