My Sister's Visit!

Last Tuesday, my sister flew in for a week long visit!  We are really close, and I miss her a lot, so I treasure our time together.  We met up with my whole family in Williamsburg for a few days, and had a great time just hanging out.  We even did a little family karoke, which was definitely a bonding experience!  As usual, the two littlest family members dominated everyone's attention and energy.
I can't believe how big my niece is getting!
They had a park where we were staying, so we took SC there and she loved it of course.
My brother forgot his contact lenses case, so he improvised with some measuring spoons.  I guess that is his former boy scout training coming in!
On Friday, my sister, SC and I headed to my house to continue the fun.  It ended up being slightly different than I had planned though, because my friend who was expecting went into labor, and we ended up watching her toddler that evening.  He did  great at our house, and my friend gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

On Saturday, my husband watched SC, so my sister and I did a little shopping at TJ Maxx and Old Navy.  We even had a lunch out at Panera...I feel like it has been forever since I've had a meal out!
 It was really fun to just have that sister time without having to worry about a little tot.

On Sunday it was Mother's Day, so we just relaxed in the morning and got ready to meet up with the rest of my family that afternoon.
I had volunteered my sister and I to do the meal, so we ended up going to Trader Joe's and buying things to make a cheese plate and then we just did lots of appetizers.  I'm not sure how everyone else felt about it, but I loved the fact that it was not stressful but still delicious!
My sister bought my mom and I these gorgeous flowers.
We also exchanged cards for my sister, since her birthday is coming up soon.
On Monday, SC and I were planning on driving back up to visit, but my parents and sister came to our house instead, because SC was worn out from the previous day's excitement.  I love that we actually have a place for people to come.  We just visited, and finally cut into the Mother's Day cake!
That evening, when my husband came home from work, we had hamburgers and a little birthday celebration for the three May birthdays in our family (my sister, mom and husband!).  I couldn't be more thankful for these three!


Annie said...

Priceless family time! Love that you and your sister are so close!

MCW said...

Cracking up over your brother and the contact case! I have been in that situation before and he definitely wins the most creative award!

Elle Sees said...

Such a precious weekend! I love that y'all were able to be together for those occasions!