Five for Friday!

This week flew by for us!  We have been busy with lots of story times, play group, and a trip to a farm to see the bunnies.  My parents are coming up this afternoon, and then my MIL is arriving tomorrow, so I better finish up the cleaning and the meal prep, but here are a few things for this week!

Last week, SC started an obsession with our vacuum, as she realized it helped clean up all of the messes.  Now she wants us to pull it out for the slightest crumb, which can be a bit tiring, but it's also funny...when you aren't the one she's fussing at about the situation.  So that she can tackle messes on her own, my sister and brother-in-law bought her a little vacuum to call her own.  No morsel can escape her reach now!
SC has also been interested and really aware of the moon this week.  I've started taking her to the window so she can see the moon, and it's fun to see how mesmerized she is.  It kind of reminds me of this time last year when I would bounce her up and down by our window to calm her down when she was fussy.  We have quite a different view now, but the sky is always there!
I finally got around to organizing SC's clothes, and I felt like she could use a few new summer things, so these little outfits are on our way to us.  I know this will probably be the last summer that I have such a say in what she wears, so I want to live it up!


SC has also been enjoying her little rocking horse that got passed on from her dad.  We were having a slow morning before story time, and I took a few pictures of her with our good camera versus my phone. She loves her rocking horse!
I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Five for Friday

This week seemed to fly by for some reason, but here is what we've been up to!

We've had some rain this week which has really cooled things down enough to make a trip to the park bearable.  I mixed it up and we visited a different park, instead of the one just down the street.  SC loved exploring!
And facing off with a shark!

SC is the proud owner of her very own toy kitchen!  I saw this one for sale on Amazon for $40, so we decided to go ahead and buy it.  It's not perfect, but I think it is adorable and I love that it came with matching pots and pans.

A few weeks ago I had transplanted some vinca, and I'm thrilled that it has started to bloom.
Of course, I couldn't have done it without my little gardener!
We signed up for two story times at different libraries, and it's been nice to have these little organized events on the calendar.  I know I keep saying it, but I really love our libraries!
We also were able to check out some of Karen Katz books, which SC enjoys.

It seems like there are a lot of summer sales going on, so I ordered a few things for my husband as a Father's Day gift.  I was thrilled that he was a fan of everything! I bought him these shorts, this polo, and these flip flops.  I'm also going to try these shorts for myself.  I'm pretty sure they will be too short on me, but I love the polka dots and scallops!
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Father's Day Weekend Recap!

SC and I started the weekend early by meeting up with my parents to do a little Father's Day celebration with my parents, brother, sister-in-law and niece.  We went to the pool, which was so much fun, and then had a nice dinner and visit. My niece and SC had so much fun just playing with a bucket and watching things float around.
For Father's Day gifts, I never know exactly what to do, so I always do some type of picture gift.  There isn't really anything my dad loves better anyways, so I made a photo book, a framed picture, some peanuts and the book I Love You, Grandpa. As a side note, I tried out Walgreens instead of Shutterfly, and I was super impressed.  
For my FIL, we also did a framed photo, his favorite nuts, a candle and I made up a photo book from his recent visit.  We gave him part of his gift while he was here, but I mailed the photo book, which I think was a nice little surprise.
SC and I headed back on Friday morning, and we had a low-key weekend at home.  On Saturday morning, my husband took SC to the park and nearby farm so she could check out the petting zoo.  She loves seeing the bunnies!  Then he headed off to golf, and SC and I hung out for the afternoon.  Sunday morning SC and I "surprised" my husband with waffles, which was very exciting for SC.
Once again, SC also had a blast assisting with present opening.
We spent the rest of the morning playing a modified version of hide and seek, which SC could not get enough of.
After nap time, we headed to the beach and had such a relaxing afternoon. We were so relaxed, I didn't take any photos. All in all, it was a fun weekend, and I'm so thankful that we could celebrate my husband and our dads! They are such a blessing and every day I am so thankful for everything the dads in my life do!

A Long Weekend Recap!

This past Thursday, SC and I headed to go meet my parents, and my husband took off Friday, so he could come meet us after work.  My brother, SIL, and niece also came up for a few hours, and SC was super excited to see her cousin!  They are getting to the stage where they are pretty enamored with each other, and it is so sweet.  We have a photo book of my niece, and SC goes to where is is kept and asks to look at it on a daily basis, so she was really happy to see everyone in real life!
My mom brought some bubbles, so we did that and SC also got to feed the ducks!
Once SC went to sleep, my husband and I slipped out for a drink by the pool and we saw more ducks!
Friday morning, we packed up and headed to Busch Gardens for the morning!  It was a beautiful day, and we tried a few rides with SC, but I think she's still a little too young to enjoy them.  The carousel was still a huge hit though.  We also went on the gondola, which saved us a ton of walking, and we all tolerated it fine.  I'm not a huge fan of heights, but I was brave because we were all tired!
 Somebody has to lead us back home!
After that we headed back because my FIL was coming to visit for the weekend!  He showed SC his best golf technique.
Saturday morning we went to to the park, and after nap time, we went to the beach!
SC really enjoys it for about an hour and a half, so it's nice that we can easily take short trips.  We headed down there Sunday afternoon too!
It was a fun visit, and I'm so glad that SC could have this time with her Papa J!

Five for Friday: Some Home Finds!

Happy Friday!  This week has been pretty routine, so I thought I'd share a few purchases that I've made the past few weeks.

I love Anthropologie's candles, in particular the Volupsa Torocca is my favorite, but spending almost $30 for a candle feels kind of crazy.  My FIL and sister had gifted me some at Christmas a few years ago, but they finally burned out, so I was ready to pick up something else.  At Tuesday Morning, I spotted this candle in Tangerine Mango, and it smells pretty similar, and was only $10.  It almost felt like it was trying to be a Capri candle knockoff, with the packaging, but it is genuinely a nice scent.  I think I'm going to be stocking up!
I also found some fancy French soap and lotion for my sister, which I thought would be a fun treat.
As I mentioned, my mom made some new throw pillows for our formal living room/play room.  I'm having a hard time pulling this space together, but at least this is one step forward.  Since SC loves to explore, I really only use books and magazines to decorate the coffee table.  Anybody have some non-breakable ideas?
I bought this little entry table online at Target for $30.  I'm excited that it was easy to put together and we actually have something in the space.  Again, I still can't put too much on top, because SC loves to investigate!
And my last home purchase was this little throw rug for our laundry room.  It is really nice, so I actually thought about buying a larger one for our living room, but was shocked that an 8x10 was over $2000!  So, that won't be happening anytime soon, but I enjoy having this while I'm doing laundry!

So that's my Five for Friday!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Park Pilgrim

In undergrad, I read Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, in which Annie Dillard spends a year examining a little stream that ran behind her house.  I always thought that it was such a romantic idea, a way to truly be a writer.  I was so impressed by her dedication that I spent some time admiring the blades of grass on our college green and tried to be quite serious about the whole ordeal.  While I couldn't ever really see how she (or Thoreau for that matter) were able to divine quite so much from nature, the idea of taking the time to observe and appreciate one's surroundings has always appealed to me.  Perhaps what has surprised me the most about motherhood is that with SC our days feel sufficiently slowed. She is the change happening right in front of me.
Despite SC's view that we will never return, we go to the park daily, sometimes twice in one day.  SC examines the mulch, picking it up piece by piece, and unsatisfied with just a tactile inspection, attempts to taste it.  For a few weeks, SC was absolutely enamored with the bucket swing, and I would swing her back and forth for an hour.  We watched the comes a school two more a truck...another school bus.  An endless litany of traffic announcements, which SC eagerly took in, craning her neck to see the next vehicle.  The world is new for a toddler, and nothing is more exciting than seeing a school bus, a yellow whirl lumbering down the road.

I reluctantly peel her away from the park to go blow bubbles in the driveway.  Most of the time she is most entertained by the stones on the flower bed.  Picking up each smooth rock, and depositing it some place new, she is a gardener in the making, I suppose.  Meanwhile, I entertain myself by blowing bubbles for her, watching them dance by the windows, before they vanish into the sky.

A Little Weekend Recap!

Last week I ended up taking a break from the blog because we were having some computer issues and I also attempted to try to organize all of our pictures. My husband got the computer up and running again, so I'm hoping to be back this week with a few posts!

On Thursday, SC and I met up with my parents, as my husband had a big project at work on Friday.  SC was super excited to go see her grandparents, and literally tried to move our bag downstairs as soon as we got packed up.
I can't say I blame her though, life is good with grandma and grandpa!
My mom brought her sewing machine along, and after SC went to sleep, we worked on making a few new throw pillows and hemming some curtains.  This fabric is a little crazy, but I'm excited to have something new for our formal living room/play room.
Before we headed home on Friday, we had another duck sighting by the playground!
Saturday we took a little trip to Chick Fila and then Target to stock up on some essentials.
Helicopter parenting at its finest
 I was super excited that Target had some Father's Day things out in their dollar spot, and picked up gift bags for our dads (although I'm still trying to figure out the actual gifts...).
After naptime, we headed to Water Country for the rest of the day, which was so much fun!  We didn't take any photos, but SC had a ball in the Critter Corral.  Since we went later in the day, they ended up giving us free parking, and we got a spot super close to the front of the park, which made everything really easy.  I'm so happy that we live fairly close, and in the next few years, it'd also be so fun to meet my niece and brother/sister-in-law there.

Sunday's highlights included a trip to the pool, hanging up curtains, and a little evening trip to the park.
SC took it upon herself to zealously collect mulch.
And this, my friends, is how I feel about Monday.
I hope everyone had a great weekend!