A Little Weekend Recap!

Last week I ended up taking a break from the blog because we were having some computer issues and I also attempted to try to organize all of our pictures. My husband got the computer up and running again, so I'm hoping to be back this week with a few posts!

On Thursday, SC and I met up with my parents, as my husband had a big project at work on Friday.  SC was super excited to go see her grandparents, and literally tried to move our bag downstairs as soon as we got packed up.
I can't say I blame her though, life is good with grandma and grandpa!
My mom brought her sewing machine along, and after SC went to sleep, we worked on making a few new throw pillows and hemming some curtains.  This fabric is a little crazy, but I'm excited to have something new for our formal living room/play room.
Before we headed home on Friday, we had another duck sighting by the playground!
Saturday we took a little trip to Chick Fila and then Target to stock up on some essentials.
Helicopter parenting at its finest
 I was super excited that Target had some Father's Day things out in their dollar spot, and picked up gift bags for our dads (although I'm still trying to figure out the actual gifts...).
After naptime, we headed to Water Country for the rest of the day, which was so much fun!  We didn't take any photos, but SC had a ball in the Critter Corral.  Since we went later in the day, they ended up giving us free parking, and we got a spot super close to the front of the park, which made everything really easy.  I'm so happy that we live fairly close, and in the next few years, it'd also be so fun to meet my niece and brother/sister-in-law there.

Sunday's highlights included a trip to the pool, hanging up curtains, and a little evening trip to the park.
SC took it upon herself to zealously collect mulch.
And this, my friends, is how I feel about Monday.
I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Annie said...

Look at her on the end of that slide. That's hilarious!

MCW said...

Dying over the helicopter parenting picture!!!! hahaha

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

Oh wow, she is getting so big and she's so adorable! Love that Monday pic! Isn't that the truth?! Sounds like a super fun weekend!

Elle Sees said...

Always love an update on her! Such a cutie.