Five for Friday: Some Home Finds!

Happy Friday!  This week has been pretty routine, so I thought I'd share a few purchases that I've made the past few weeks.

I love Anthropologie's candles, in particular the Volupsa Torocca is my favorite, but spending almost $30 for a candle feels kind of crazy.  My FIL and sister had gifted me some at Christmas a few years ago, but they finally burned out, so I was ready to pick up something else.  At Tuesday Morning, I spotted this candle in Tangerine Mango, and it smells pretty similar, and was only $10.  It almost felt like it was trying to be a Capri candle knockoff, with the packaging, but it is genuinely a nice scent.  I think I'm going to be stocking up!
I also found some fancy French soap and lotion for my sister, which I thought would be a fun treat.
As I mentioned, my mom made some new throw pillows for our formal living room/play room.  I'm having a hard time pulling this space together, but at least this is one step forward.  Since SC loves to explore, I really only use books and magazines to decorate the coffee table.  Anybody have some non-breakable ideas?
I bought this little entry table online at Target for $30.  I'm excited that it was easy to put together and we actually have something in the space.  Again, I still can't put too much on top, because SC loves to investigate!
And my last home purchase was this little throw rug for our laundry room.  It is really nice, so I actually thought about buying a larger one for our living room, but was shocked that an 8x10 was over $2000!  So, that won't be happening anytime soon, but I enjoy having this while I'm doing laundry!

So that's my Five for Friday!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Annie said...

Love that rug! Same here on the exploring but over the last month or two it's gotten a lot better so I bet you see that in the next month!! Have a nice weekend!

StephTheBookworm said...

Love the entry table! Yeah, Caleb loves to explore too so I've had to tone down on my décor!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

Love love love that throw rug!! It's so pretty. And that entry table is perfect!

MCW said...

I think Target has knock off Volupsa Torocca candles too! They are my favorite, but have such a STRONG smell. I can usually only keep them lit for a short time.

Elle Sees said...

I love Anthro--I could live there, pretty much.