Five for Friday!

This week flew by for us!  We have been busy with lots of story times, play group, and a trip to a farm to see the bunnies.  My parents are coming up this afternoon, and then my MIL is arriving tomorrow, so I better finish up the cleaning and the meal prep, but here are a few things for this week!

Last week, SC started an obsession with our vacuum, as she realized it helped clean up all of the messes.  Now she wants us to pull it out for the slightest crumb, which can be a bit tiring, but it's also funny...when you aren't the one she's fussing at about the situation.  So that she can tackle messes on her own, my sister and brother-in-law bought her a little vacuum to call her own.  No morsel can escape her reach now!
SC has also been interested and really aware of the moon this week.  I've started taking her to the window so she can see the moon, and it's fun to see how mesmerized she is.  It kind of reminds me of this time last year when I would bounce her up and down by our window to calm her down when she was fussy.  We have quite a different view now, but the sky is always there!
I finally got around to organizing SC's clothes, and I felt like she could use a few new summer things, so these little outfits are on our way to us.  I know this will probably be the last summer that I have such a say in what she wears, so I want to live it up!


SC has also been enjoying her little rocking horse that got passed on from her dad.  We were having a slow morning before story time, and I took a few pictures of her with our good camera versus my phone. She loves her rocking horse!
I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July!


Jennifer said...

Found you at the Five on Friday Link up. So glad I did. Your little one is adorable. My Little Miss has that same vacuum and she LOVES it! She also has the same moon obsession too LOL. Your view I must say is incredible!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

That rocking horse is adorable! And I'm pretty sure both my kids went through a vacuum phase. It passes but not after you want to hide the thing from them! Haha! Have a great weekend with family!

Angela said...

My niece is obsessed with cleaning too. She loves to mop! Happy Friday!