We haven't been up to too much lately, but I wanted to share a few photos from when my parents and brother's family came up to visit last week for a quick visit.  

To keep things interesting, we set up a pool for the girls to play in inside.  They loved it, and it kept everything contained! The silicon blocks SC had were a huge hit, as both girls are in the midst of teething.
They also enjoyed brunching together.  Fine cuisine included fruit, eggs and, of course, puffs.
The toy vacuum from my sister and brother-in-law was also super entertaining for the under two crowd.
This is totally random, but I love seeing my niece in some of the clothes SC wore last year.  Who knew that a sleeper could bring back so many memories?
We didn't take that many pictures, but everyone enjoyed being together, even though traveling with a baby is never easy.  I hope these sweet girls will be forever friends.


MCW said...

They are too cute!!!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

They are adorable! And cousins are the best!