Five for Friday!

Yay for a short week!  Here are just a few things for Friday!

 Now that it's summer, I want to cook with some of the things in season, but I just can't exactly figure out what I want to make.  I did try this Zesty Lime Shimp and Avocado salad by Skinny Taste, and even though I didn't add cilantro or jalapeno, I thought the flavors were still so refreshing.  What have you been loving this summer? Even though I can't figure out what to make, SC (and the bunnies) have been getting their fair share of carrots!
While some of the flowers in our yard veer towards the less traditional, I am so excited that so many things are in bloom right now.  A few weeks ago we enjoyed these calla lilies, and now these gorgeous orange lilies are brightening up our dining room. Eventually I want to plant some hydrangeas and peonies, but it's just nice to have something flowering right now!
I have never been a huge fan of orange, but I love how they look against the blue.
SC has no need for a bookbag now, but because I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for bunny accessories, I thought these were darling.
SC is still more into board books, but I was excited that to be able to check out She Persisted from the library.  Ironically, I highlighted a few of the same women when I wrote a children's book for my Critical Literacy it really made me wish I still had a copy to read SC!  Once SC gets a little older, we're hoping to read this book to her too. I love children's literature, and I feel it is so important to think about the narratives we provide.
And speaking of good narratives, we've been watching Orange is the New Black.  I know it's not for everyone, but I really appreciate how the show humanizes the characters. I'm hoping we can watch a few more episodes this weekend, in addition to some fun in the sun!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!


Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

Those lilies are gorgeous!! We have hydrangeas but I think I like your lilies better. :) Love that bunny backpack! Happy Friday!

Annie said...

Oh those flowers are gorgeous! I hope yall have a nice weekend!

MCW said...

I love kids books too...I could browse the aisles of a library all day.

Elle Sees said...

I am loving having some flowers around...def brightens things up.