Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!  My sister is flying in for the weekend, and my parents are also coming to visit, so I'm very excited about this weekend!  This week seemed busy as we wrapped up story time, met my husband during his lunch break, had a play date and met with one of my friend's and her baby!
I bought this cute dish towel for a friend who loves pineapples, and I'm planning on saving it for Christmas and pairing it with this cookbook.
This week we also had a not so fun visit to see the allergist, but the good news is that it looks like her milk allergy might be getting better!  We have to do a milk challenge to see, but I have high hopes that yogurt and cheese might be in her future!
I tried to come to the appointment prepared with no less than three stuffed animals, food pouches and stickers galore.
SC's newest "trick" is blowing kisses, which melts both my husband's and my heart.  I may have spent the better part of Tuesday morning making videos of her blowing kisses to send to family.  She also does this when we leave during naps and night time, which I love.

The weather hasn't actually been so miserably hot lately, so we've visited the park a few times this week, much to SC's delight.
Have a wonderful weekend!  I can't believe August is almost here!

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Annie said...

Hope you're having a fun weekend with your family!