Fourth of July Weekend Recap!

Happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July!  Our weekend started off on Friday with a visit from my parents and one of my mom's friends.  SC was delighted to see my parents and soaked up all of the extra attention.
Her love for the vacuum is still going strong, but she had extra assistance with her daddy and grandpa on the scene to supervise.
My parents headed out Saturday afternoon to go on a little boat cruise, and then they had to head back home.   After nap time, my husband took SC to the library and the pool, and I was able to stay at home and get a little cleaning done.  With company, I've been trying to stay on top of everything, but it was nice to get a few chores done that have been neglected for awhile.  That evening, we watched the new Beauty and the Beast.  I thought it would be a great film, but I was glad that my husband enjoyed it too.  I really thought it was so well done!

Sunday morning I made some blueberry muffins and then we headed out to church!  SC made it about 20 minutes with us, and then my husband hung out with her in the nursery, where she proceeded to put the doll babies in swings.  It is hilarious to us how she really role plays with her dolls and stuffed animals!
After nap time, we headed out to the beach, and SC had a blast eating her snacks, playing in the sand, and taking a little dip in the ocean.
Monday, the husband had work, but we met him downtown during his lunch break and that afternoon we headed to the pool/splash pad.
They were also doing "Monet Mondays" where kids can play with sidewalk chalk, which SC thoroughly enjoyed.
The actual holiday was quiet for us (and a bit rainy), with exciting moments including me finally organizing all of my kitchen drawers.  All in all, it was so nice to have just a relaxing day with the three of us! I hope you all had a nice holiday!


Klein Dot Co said...

Precious pics ❤️

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

She is so stinking adorable! And it amazes me how their love for sidewalk chalk never grows old - it's a life saver!

StephTheBookworm said...

What a nice weekend for you guys! She is so cute and I love her festive dress!

Laura Darling said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Love the red, white, and blue outfit!

Annie said...

Oh I love the pic of SC holding the flag!