SC is 21 Months Today!

I always feel a bit silly doing these updates, as I know they aren't the most riveting, but I know these little details that seem so matter-of-fact now will be forgotten in just a few months.
This past month has been a big one, as we finally took away the bottle.  I was starting to feel anxious that we had let it go on so long, but I'm glad that we were able to wait until she could comprehend what was happening.  Poor girlie is also getting her two year molars in, so nap time and bed time are no longer as easy as they once were, but I'm still really proud of SC.
SC likes saying bye bye, and we've started doing that when I leave the room for nap time and bed time, which is a fun game.  She also enjoys saying "uh oh" whenever something falls.  I love hearing her sweet voice.
She's becoming more independent, but she still reaches for my hand and sits on my lap during story time.  She prefers sitting in a regular chair during meal time now, and ultimately likes sitting in my lap to get up a little higher.  I know the time for holding her is short.
Likes: She loves bunnies, turtles, ducks, fire trucks, the trash truck, baby dolls, vacuuming,  and hide and seek. She's enamored with her cousin, and loves looking through her photo book. Part of our night time routine now includes looking for the moon, which is intriguing to her. This summer we've been spending lots of time at the library, pool, ocean, and stopping by the farm to see bunnies whenever we can.
Stats:  I'm guessing she's around 25 pounds, and she is still wearing 18 month clothes, although the 18-24 month clothes are starting to fit.  It's hard to believe that she will be two in October, and I'm treasuring these sweet months!

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Annie said...

These are the days!!! She is perfect!