Weekend Recap!

As I mentioned on Friday, my parents and sister came to visit this weekend!  I know I'm fortunate that I get to see my parents a lot, and considering that my sister is a plane ride away, I get to see her pretty frequently too.  But I still really cherish our time together and saying goodbye is always a little tough.  Fortunately, my sister is coming back at the end of August, so I'm looking forward to that!

SC was a lucky lady with her doting aunt and grandparents meeting all of her heart's desires.  
 Saturday was rainy, but we still managed a little neighborhood walk and bubbles.
That morning, my husband and dad also took care of SC while my mom, sister and I got to go do a little shopping.  I thoroughly enjoyed our little Saturday excursion, and thankful to the husband who is always happy to host his in-laws.
Sunday it was a beautiful day, so off to the park we went!
 I am so lucky to have my two sweet Sarahs!


Elle Sees said...

Love that last pic of the 3 of y'all! How wonderful to be able to see your family so often. I know she loves it too!!

Annie said...

Awww this is so sweet! It's obvious how tight knit your family is - that's wonderful!

MCW said...

Ok, how old is your sister? She looks like she is 18! But, you all look so young!