Packing for Maine!

When I flew to Florida with SC in February, I felt like I had way too much stuff with me that I didn't really need, and it seemed to just make things a little more stressful.  (SC and I also had bad colds too, so that certainly didn't help.)  With those experiences behind me, I'm attempting to try to not over pack quite so much.  This trip should also be easier because my husband is coming along and SC is no longer drinking milk from bottles.  I have high hopes that it won't be too much of a circus, but I know that by the time we make it through the plane and bus rides we are all going to be pretty bedraggled.  

With that said, here's what I have in my carry-on so far. For entertainment we have two mini books, play doh, a sticker book, one board book, a mini puzzle, a new baby doll with diaper and bottle, an egg with a new Little People figurine inside, window clings and her beloved bunny.
 It seems like a crazy amount of stuff, but it condenses to one gallon ziploc bag, plus the book and doll.  Of course, I'm also bringing an Ipad, which will most likely be the key entertainment,  But with three and a half hours of sitting on the plane/bus, I feel like we need to have a few toys in our arsenal.
 For the necessities, I'm bringing wipes, diapers and an outfit change.
I plan on also bringing her sippy cup, a million food pouches, lots of Aunt Annie's individual sized snacks, a water bottle, changing pad, birth certificate and my super small cross-body purse.  Even scaling down, it has certainly filled a backpack! Any additional ideas?  I thought it'd be helpful to do this post, because every time I pack, I'm scrambling to think back to what I did before.  I guess that's what happens when you don't travel on the plane that frequently!

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Margaret said...

We just love Maine. We always find it so peaceful! Enjoy