Weekend Recap: Friends and Baseball!

This past weekend was a fun one for us!  On Friday morning, my friend and her family arrived for a visit!  I always love seeing our two kiddos together.  We've been really good friends since freshmen year of college, and it's so sweet to go through similar stages together.  After lunch and nap time, we hit up the beach and then stopped by our favorite pizza place on the way home!
Saturday we visited the aquarium, which both of the tots enjoyed.
After nap time, we decided to go to the park and then my husband found a nice restaurant for dinner that was child friendly, but the food was also really good!  We don't usually go out very often, so finding a good local place is always exciting. They headed out that evening, but I'm hoping to go visit them in about a month to celebrate my friend's son's birthday.
Sunday was so relaxing, with just some quiet playtime, a trip to Target and then a baseball game that afternoon!  Our realtor actually hosted the event, and SC loved it! I think she might not have realized that an actual game was going on, as she was super excited about all of the watermelon and snacks.
My husband was excited to take her to her first game!
It was such a fun family outing for all of us!
How was your weekend?

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MCW said...

I had a pretty busy weekend too! Probably a bit more relaxing without a toddler ;) PS - you look great!